Overview of DURAERO SUP

Our objective as a SUP manufacturer has remained unchanged since 2010; we aim to provide you with all the facts and features of our boards in detailed form and are eager to share our continually growing wealth of experience with you.

Duraero SUP

The Duraero SUP is available as a high-quality yet affordable complete set, for example, with the fitting detachable kayak seat, a footrest, and a double paddle included in the package. Using it as a SUP kayak is a great way to expand the utility of a board, and for many beginners, it is often a decisive factor in their purchase.

At first glance, the contour of the Duraero SUP reveals it to be an all-round board. The wide, rounded nose and the similarly rounded tail are clear characteristics of boards in this popular class. With dimensions of 305 or 330 x 76 x 15 cm, this board falls into the category of compact models overall, albeit with some reduction in load capacity.

The length and width are above average and in good proportion to each other, providing sufficient stability for smaller and lighter beginners. The 15 cm thickness is solid and provides an appropriate volume for its size.

The board can be adjusted for various uses with its 3 detachable fins, a flexible feature rarely found in this price range. I’ll explain the possibilities this offers in detail in the “Applications and Performance” section.

Among its features are the non-slip deck pad with a kick pad for quick turns, a cargo net, 5 free D-rings, a central carrying handle, and 2 attachment loops for the footrest. Therefore, the board comes with quite an extensive set of features.

The Duraero SUP falls into the category of very affordable SUP boards. The silhouette with a rounded, wide nose and a similarly rounded tail is designed for stability and versatile applications. However, the base stability is not as high as broader models due to its below-average width.

With the 3 detachable fin system, you can adjust the board’s performance to meet different demands. Depending on the fin setup, the board’s characteristics change noticeably, allowing you to respond to various water conditions and optimize the board’s properties for your purposes.

The dimensions of the Duraero SUP are very compact, and the 15 cm thickness is standard. The individual air chamber capacity is around 220 liters.

The nose of the board is gently upturned, a feature known as “nose rocker.” This design allows the board’s nose to glide better on rough water surfaces and prevents it from submerging quickly in waves. The maximum load capacity of the Duraero SUP ranges from 130kg to 150kg, depending on the model.



Areas of application and handling characteristics

Due to the classic all-round shape of the Duraero SUP, the possible areas of application are very broad. The compact dimensions make the board responsive and agile, especially when you can also use the kick pad with increasing experience. By shifting your weight to increase the surface area at the rear, the tip rises out of the water, allowing for spectacular maneuvers and turns (“kick or pivot turns”) with practice. Nevertheless, fundamental stability is not compromised.

With different fin setups, you can individually adjust the board’s performance to various conditions and types of water. Using all 3 fins significantly increases stability and maneuverability. This so-called “2+1 setup” is ideal for enhancing stability and ease of steering the compact board, making it suitable for use as a SUP kayak. Alternatively, you can equip the board with only a center fin for improved gliding and tracking, making it particularly suitable for straight and longer distances. In very shallow water, you can attach only the two small side fins to minimize draft, although this reduces stability in the water. Feel free to experiment with the different settings; you will quickly notice the difference. Over time, you’ll discover which setup best suits you, your riding style, and your SUP spots.

The features are also helpful for managing diverse activities. Particularly, the mounting options for the included kayak seat and the accompanying footrest are well-suited for use as a SUP kayak.

Materials and Weight

The core of the board is constructed using the classic “dropstitch technique,” where threads inside the board connect the top and bottom, providing stability. Consequently, the weight is only 7.75 kg, making handling easy, and allowing the board to be comfortably rolled up.

Craftsmanship and Design

Looking at the reviews and opinions on platforms like Amazon, Kaufland, Otto, etc., the vast majority of customers are very satisfied with the quality of craftsmanship.

All designs of the DURAERO boards are quite colorful overall. Especially, the deck pad significantly enhances the top surface. Additionally, the depicted paddler and the manufacturer’s logo are eye-catching. A sporty design with harmoniously chosen elements reflects the innovative and dynamic nature of the DURAERO brand.

Additional Features

  • Deck pad: The large, non-slip EVA standing area features an embossed diamond pattern, providing good grip even when wet and effectively draining water in all directions. The deck pad is divided into two sections from the carrying handle forwards.
  • Central carrying loop: The board has a central rubberized carrying loop made of sturdy strap material. This marks the board’s center of gravity and indicates the optimal standing position, the so-called “sweet spot.” Placing your feet to the left and right of it provides maximum stability.
  • 5 free D-rings: There is a large, sturdy stainless steel D-ring at the rear for attaching the coiled leash. Two D-rings are located on each side of the deck pad for securing the kayak seat.
  • 2 attachment points for the footrest: You can mount the included footrest directly in front of the standing area. This is very useful when using the board as a SUP kayak.
  • 3 removable fins: Both the two small side fins and the center fin are removable via a slide-in system.
  • Cargo net: In the front area, there is a relatively small elastic deck net attached to 4 additional D-rings. Here, you can securely store equipment or provisions. To keep everything dry, use a waterproof dry bag.